Senior Communities


New Concepts in Planning, Financing, Marketing and Designing Independent and Continuing Care Senior Living Communities

We have been pioneers in the development of affordable senior living options for church groups, towns, hospitals, non-profit nursing homes, and elder service or community interest groups.  Resident equity financing has allowed resident participation at low cost by converting home and investment equity for project financing, thereby eliminating or reducing the cost of long term debt.  Ownership models may include membership communities, cooperatives, and modified condominium projects.

Supportive living and congregate communities may provide dining, housekeeping, security, and leisure and educational services, with the availability of home health or assisted services under a case management model.  Organizational structures can eliminate the rigidity and burden of health care regulations and licensure.  Projects of thirty to one hundred and fifty units have been successful with financing ranging from USDA to the private market.

Continuing care communities combine independent living with the availability of assisted living and nursing care or rehabilitative services if needed.  Beyond this basic concept, we have a variety of successful models with variables including discounted insurance packages, fee-for-service, benefit discounts, on-site or off-site services, and provision for home health or rehabilitative care. 

Our role may include strategic planning and analysis, independent and objective market and feasibility studies, project management during development and construction, marketing concepts and assistance, and community management under contract.  Our staff have a unique and successful track record not only in New England, but through out North America.